Dollface goes to Haiti

As I scrolled through my instagram feed I came across a photo from a travel blogger’s post of a photo from Jalousie - Port-Au-Prince Haiti, the beautiful colors and culture exuding from the photo initially caught my attention. I took a screenshot, and saved the photo, adding it to my list of top 10 places I’d like to visit. Just a few months later, I received a request to DJ in Haiti, remembering that I had saved the photo of this beautiful destination. When I arrived in Haiti, I recalled the photo I saved and pulled it out to reference the location to my host, asking if this was anywhere near where I’d be staying, that I would love to see this in person. He laughed and told me, he’d actually built the entire Jalousie community through his construction business! What a coincidence. Just minutes later, as we pulled up to the hotel, we went straight to the rooftop of the hotel to check out the view.. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My hotel rooftop overlooked this beautiful overlay of Jalousie, the hills of Port-Au-Prince Haiti. It all fell into place so perfectly… This experience got me in touch with the idea of “manifesting your destiny”  - I had such a burning desire to see this and knew that I would accomplish it…. How cool that I was booked to DJ in Haiti, getting to do what I enjoy the most, all the while traveling to one of the destinations on my list! I feel blessed :)