Performing with Nelly at the Superbowl

Working with Playboy at the Superbowl was something I’ve wanted to every year, but between traveling and other work conflicts I never had the opportunity to work with them! Finally this year was the year, and I slipped on my pink costume for the festivities in Arizona. Nelly was the featured performer, and he asked me if I would feel comfortable to sing the female part of the song “Dilemma” - originally sang by Ashanti. I boldly accepted the offer! During my teenage years I grew up listening to Nelly, his album “Nellyville” was one of my favorites, and I knew every word to the song! Although definitely a little nervous, singing “Dilemma” on stage hand in hand with Nelly in front of thousands of people was a liberating, fun and memorable experience!

Artist Adam Rote features artwork of DJ Dollface

World Renound Artist Adam Rote did this amazing piece on DJ Dollface. Honored that he & Millionaire Gallery chose me as their muse! Adam is a legendary fine artist and one of hollywood’s favorites. The painting  at the Millionaire Gallery in Key West for “Fantasy Fest”. Adam's dynamic subjects & signature transparent technique have been featured in books, magazines, movies, and television.. He’s also worked with amazing talent doing portraits for stars like Al Pacino as Scarface, Elijah Wood/The Lord of the Rings & Playboy Magazine Tributes. All of his subjects, including myself, have been fascinated by his amazing work - precise matching of the artwork or photo is  done completely by hand & eye! I included the original photo so you can see just how amazing he is at what he does! 

Let's Be Cops in Theaters Now

You may recognize this photo from the famous iChat conversation between Jake Johnson's character Ryan and Damon Wayans Jr. Character Justin.

Let’s be Cops is out! I play a unique role in this movie… My role was actually one of my more of a guest appearance. I was hired to take a photo used in a reference on an iPhone iChat conversation - Although a small moment, it was one of the more popular parts of the film. Jake Johnson’s role Ryan talks about utilizing the cool factor of being a Cop, and how it’s much easier to pick up hot girls as a cop. It's always fun working with Jake Johnson & Damon Wayans Jr. View our intro to the red band trailer below!